Sexy Pamela Anderson In Lingerie Dressing

Sexy Pamela Anderson In Lingerie Dressing - Although 45 years old, Pamela Anderson sexiness seemed never fade. No wonder the former Baywatch star is unrelenting show of sexiness.

Sunday (23/9) afternoon, upload photos sexy women's sexy body in her lingerie. Pamela looked displays seductive pose with his back to the camera position.

In the photo, Pamela looked more sexy with high heel shoes and sexy bikini. From behind, she does look topless, but actually wearing a sexy bra Pamela is very small.

Pamela Anderson @
The photo was uploaded via Twitter a few hours before the premiere of DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL STARS TONIGHT. Apparently, he wanted to make sure her body is simply perfect for the occasion.

"I do not feel that I'm ready. I felt there was a need to do and learn. Was the beginning of something great - I love it!" he wrote on Twitter.

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